3 Common Air Conditioner Problems Owners Face


Why is it important to know the common air conditioner problems owners face? This is to make air conditioner technicians and companies better anticipate the type of requests from both commercial establishments and residences. As a result, technicians will always have the relevant supplies for each assignment they get.

For instance, more and more Australians are becoming environmentally aware. It’s especially the case with heating and cooling wherein up to half of the electricity bill comes from HVAC operations. Better energy efficiency could significantly increase the savings experienced by families and business owners. One way to somehow achieve this is by improving air circulation instead of just relying on ACs. Some customers might request to add more ceiling and wall-mounted fans to improve comfort.

It’s just one of the examples of anticipating the demand for certain parts, tools, materials and other supplies. Let’s explore other examples by discussing other “problems” and requirements of homes and businesses.

1. Refrigerant leaks

Aside from making the air conditioner defective or far from efficient, refrigerant leaks can also harm our health and the environment. For example, mild exposure may cause a headache or nausea.

These leaks might be a result of corrosion or faulty installation. Whichever is the case, it should be addressed immediately to prevent harm to occupants of the home. Many families, individuals and homeowners are already aware of that, which is why it’s important that technicians always have the tools and supplies to fix that.

2. AC unit not heating or cooling enough

Apart from discomfort, it’s a clear sign that the air conditioner is far from being energy efficient. The heating or cooling result is not on par with the electricity consumed. This will blow up energy bills and even shorten the useful lifespan of the air conditioner.

This is one of the major concerns of homeowners. Aside from the expenses, inefficiencies could aggravate the harm our modern living causes to the environment. That’s why once the homeowners first notice or suspect of the problem, they immediately call the technicians for assistance. The problem could be a refrigerant leak, dirty air filter, ice buildup or a failing compressor. It’s important to have the necessary parts and tools for these jobs.

3. Faulty electrical connections

Technicians specialising in air conditioning electrical system (and how it interacts with the home’s network) should always have electrical cables, circuit breakers, power points, plugs, cords and other supplies with them. This is to immediately repair the faulty connections or replace the defective electrical components.

Sufficient supplies 24/7 can speed up assignments and project completion both in residential and commercial facilities. There will be minimal waiting time and the technicians will always be ready to handle the job.

Solving common air conditioner problems owners face

The key here is to minimise the waiting time so residents and business owners experience fewer hassles. One way to accomplish this is by always having the right amount of supplies at any day. You can analyse the most frequent assignments your team receives or anticipate the trends and requirements of customers.

Either way, you can contact us here at Axiflow if you require a complete range of supplies. We have a wide range of products on air conditioning, ventilation and the electrical components. For over 20 years, we’ve been collaborating with air conditioner clients, installers and servicemen in the Sydney region.