3 Current Trends in Air Conditioning Shaping the Industry


Understanding the current trends in air conditioning will give us insights on the future demand on certain products, materials and other supplies. It’s especially the case recently because of rapid development and changing consumer requirements.

For instance, more and more Australians prioritise energy efficiency. Aside from utility savings, this is for minimising environmental impact. They require to experience comfort through proper air conditioning while still being environmentally responsible.

Another trend is in the continuous increase in the number of air conditioners and other HVAC systems installed. It’s a direct result of increasing population density and improving lifestyles. Both residential dwellings and commercial facilities contribute to this increase. In addition, summer days may spike up the energy consumption due to increased requirement for cooling. This can significantly affect electricity transmission and distribution processes.

Aside from increasing environmental awareness and rising number of air conditioning units installed, another trend relates to sustainability especially in the dwelling or establishment itself. The goal is to reduce reliance on air conditioners in the first place. This could be accomplished by better heat transfer and ventilation (or other systems that have lower energy consumption than AC units).

Trends will continue beyond 2020

The government have already stepped up to address the issues related to rising energy consumption and climate change (one of the biggest challenges in Australia and the whole world). It started with studying the pattern in energy consumption and which aspects contribute the most.

The aspects that drive energy use the most always relate to heating and cooling. It can contribute as much as 50% of the energy bill especially during peak summer days. Not to mention the direct expenses related to the purchase, installation, repair and maintenance of the air conditioning units.

Although modern units are now more energy efficient, this might not be enough because the rising number of air conditioners installed might just offset the benefit. That’s why additional measures are being studied and implemented such as adding smart features and designing more thermal efficient buildings.

Continuous analysis of energy use and designing for sustainability are the keys to minimising the impact to the environment. Residents, business owners, technicians, servicemen and the government have all roles to play achieve sustainability.

Understanding the current trends in air conditioning

Aside from better anticipating the future market changes, understanding the trends will also make us become more aware about the present and future outlook of the air conditioning industry. We can also better understand how our work affects the community and environment as a whole.

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