3 HVAC Marketing Strategies That Transforms Businesses


“Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.” Or, provide a better and more affordable service and customers will line up to you.

That’s not true anymore. These days customers have a lot of options because new competitors come up every now and then. Gone are the days when a business is set for life with minimal effort. This is especially true in the HVAC & R industry wherein there are always competitors and new challenges.

So how do you stand out and make your business the go-to whenever your customers need an HVAC repair job done? How can you ensure you’ll get a steady stream of customers every month? Here let’s discuss a few effective HVAC marketing strategies that will transform your business for the long term. Let’s start.

1. Keep it simple & straightforward for your customers

What exactly do you do? Where are your service areas located? Are you able to service all Sydney suburbs? Do you offer 24/7 service?

Always assume that your customers don’t have the time to read your entire ad or website. Tell them right away about your service and why should they choose you (tell them your years of experience or give them a compelling reason such as a special discount).

Also, almost anyone searching for an HVAC service feels a sense of urgency. Your potential customers are urgently looking for a solution for their problem. They won’t waste time reading every word in your website or company profile. They want to know immediately what you can do for them and why should they trust you.

For example, our homepage here at Axiflow tells this:

“Axiflow is a manufacturer, distributor & importer of Air-conditioning, Sheetmetal Duct Hardware & Ventilation products, supplying the HVAC industry. The business has grown through providing a very high level of service, quality products & dedication to our customers needs.”

Right there we got direct in telling prospects of what we do (HVAC industry supplier) and we also implied why they should trust us (very high level of service). This way prospects can immediately move on whether they should contact us or find another supplier or service provider (perhaps Axiflow is not what they’re looking for).

For your HVAC & R business you can write something like this:

“YourBusinessName Air Conditioning has been doing HVAC repairs and troubleshooting for over 10 years. We offer fast services at competitive rates, which is why many Sydney residents and commercial clients always contact us whenever their air conditioners show problems.”

It’s simple and straightforward. Right away your potential customers know what you do and what’s special about you (fast services at competitive rates). It also shows why should they trust you (you already have many Sydney clients).

Once you told your prospects about your service and why should they choose you, persuade them to call you or give them your email. If they don’t contact you now, they would never contact you in the future. If your prospects are viewing your website or Facebook page right now, it might be your only chance to connect with them and make them your customer.

That’s why you have to immediately provide your contact number (or make the prospects give their email) so you can take advantage of that opportunity. Once you gained the prospects’ trust, they will be thinking of the next step. That next step should be favourable to you such as calling you for a quote.

Make your contact number big and obvious. Some websites indeed have the company’s contact number indicated but these are buried in the obscure parts of their pages. Don’t make that mistake so you won’t waste the golden opportunity of securing a new client.

The key here is to gain the customer’s trust and easily guide him/her towards the next action steps. Make the process as fast and smooth as possible so your telephone will always ring because of customers requesting for your service.

This seems a common and plain advice. But many other “technical people” miss the value of simplicity and being straightforward. They use technical words that may confuse most of their potential clients. They also forget to provide their contact info and make it really obvious, which is why they miss a lot of golden opportunities to gain new clients.

Don’t make that mistake. If you provide an excellent and affordable service, it’s now your responsibility to reach and service as many people as possible. You can only accomplish that if customers are actually calling you.

2. Be consistent in your offline & online marketing

We mentioned earlier about building trust. Well, in most cases a transaction won’t happen if there’s no mutual trust. You have to trust someone first before you buy from him/her.

One proven way to build trust is by being consistent. This means you have to be consistent in your message and design when reaching out to customers. Your ads, flyers, business cards, Google AdWords, social media and website should be somehow consistent and contain a common theme. This way, your prospects will build a sense of familiarity to your business. They have to be certain that it’s always you and you’re the one to trust whenever their air conditioner breaks down.

For example, you can always use blue as your font colour for your online and offline marketing materials. Blue signals professionalism and credibility. You can also use other colours such as green which signals environmental awareness, sustainability and energy efficiency.

Your message across all platforms should also be consistent so as not to confuse your prospects. For instance, if you’re providing 10% lower rates than competitors, stick to it and say that in all your ads, flyers and website (and make sure to fulfil that promise every time).

Aside from being consistent in your message and design, you also have to be consistent in the frequency of marketing your services and business. If you have to post an ad in the local newspaper, do it weekly. This way when a prospect’s AC breaks down, you’ll be the first one that comes to mind. He or she knows that you’re serious about your business because you’re consistently advertising.

You might be doing this for weeks and months and you still won’t be seeing results and movement. It just takes time for any marketing campaign to bring in customers. The goal here is to build trust and to be always there when people’s circumstances change. Your business should be already “familiar” to your prospects before they could ever call you. And the way to do this is by being consistent in your marketing efforts and focusing on the long term. Even when results start to come in, just continue because you know your efforts are finally working (and you’ll gain a steady stream of customers).

3. Provide special discounts & add-on services

People want to get the best value out of their money. They will really appreciate it if you tell them they’ll get more out of what they pay for.

Many times they’ll be looking for a better deal than what they’re having now. Perhaps the budget is tight or they realised they want to use the money for something else. Whichever is the case, you have to prepare special discounts and add-on services for them.

Aside from possible cost savings, people become more driven to act if there’s a discount (especially if it’s for a very limited time only). Many people hate missing out on things especially if it’s what they want or need. So if you offer a discount with a near deadline, people will be more compelled to choose you and act.

Don’t take this too far though. Do this only occasionally (e.g. your company’s founding anniversary, you’re celebrating 10 years in the profession). The goal here is to temporarily up your sales if business is slow or to somehow give back to the community and your customers.

You can also provide free HVAC diagnostics and consultations so people will have more reasons to contact you. Take note that on the side of customers, hiring an HVAC mechanic is serious (especially to commercial clients). They don’t want to leave their expensive air conditioning units to someone inexperienced. They want a proof first that you’re able to deliver and one way to do that is by providing a free initial service.

Try this strategy for one week or one month and check the results (if you have significant increases in clients and revenues). If this doesn’t work or it’s time consuming, you can always go back to what you’re doing before. The takeaway here is you can always test various approaches and see if anything brings results (and then continue with that to maximise its use).

Long-term HVAC marketing strategies that bring results

The goal is to increase your number of clients and get the flow in somewhat a steady way. This is to prevent dry spells and maximise the number of clients you’re servicing.

Although the strategies above are likely to bring some results, it’s still the speed and quality of your service that will bring you to the top (and at the minds of your clients and prospects). One way to accomplish this is by always having complete air conditioning parts, supplies and accessories. This way, you’ll be able to handle each assignment faster and minimise the customer’s waiting time for the job to get finished.

Contact us here at Axiflow if you want fast and complete deliveries. We always hold large stocks and our warehouse is in a convenient and strategic location to allow efficient transport and logistics.