3 Tips to Better Safety in Air Conditioner Installation


Air conditioning installers and service technicians are exposed to risks during AC installations, repairs and maintenance. After all, they’re often required to work on an elevated platform and even troubleshoot the electrical components in and around the air conditioner.

That’s why in this short article, we’ll discuss a few important tips to remain safe when performing an AC-related task. Let’s start.

1. Regular training and update on safety standards

It starts with acquiring the necessary knowledge and skill in ensuring safety. However, it doesn’t stop there. After all, organisations and government agencies determine new risks based on recent studies and incidents.

Air conditioning installers and technicians now undergo regular training to learn and mitigate those new risks. It could be an update about a procedure or the use of a particular component or material.

2. Invest in quality safety products

Aside from gaining the necessary skill and knowledge, safety gear and tools are also crucial in protecting the professional. These safety products best complement the professional’s expertise in handling the job. After all, accidents may still occur even if the installer is a highly trained technician. The proactive approach then is to wear safety gear at all times to prevent or minimise the effect of an injury.

For instance, cutting the end of a pressurised pipe may result to it being propelled onto the technician’s face (worse, the eye socket). The safety glasses can take most of the force from the projectile and prevent a worse incident.

Another example is in the use of dust masks. Dust can irritate the technician’s nasal cavities while installing the air conditioner unit or the ceiling-mounted grilles. The irritation may distract the technician and in worst-case scenarios, it can lead to falls and serious injuries.

3. Gain deep knowledge about air conditioner models & special instructions

Precautions and special instructions are always included by reputable manufacturers for safe installations. For instance, refrigerant gas leaks may result to oxygen depletion (refrigerant gas can displace oxygen). The resulting asphyxiation may result to falling or tripping over (which could lead to a serious injury).

In addition, the chemical reaction of the refrigerant gas with other substances (or when in come in contact with fire) can lead to the production of toxic gases. This can then in turn result to breathing, dizziness and nausea problems.

Highly trained service technicians and installers still study different AC models and read manufacturer instructions before proceeding with the job. There might be different requirements and safety precautions for each installation assignment.

Safety in air conditioner installation still starts with training & expertise

In summary, continuous training and awareness is the key to achieving better safety in air conditioner setup. In addition, using the right safety gear can also contribute to better safety.

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