How to be More Efficient in Installing Air Conditioners?


Efficiency is not all about finishing the job as fast as possible. It’s also about preventing mistakes and rework. After all, air conditioning installers and service technicians will save a lot of time if they accomplished all their jobs right the first time (no return visits to the residential or commercial building).

Here are a few ways to minimise rework and become more efficient in air conditioner installation:

1. Use quality tools, components and all supplies

The tools we use have a huge effect on our work performance. After all, the tools are supposed to make our tasks easier. In addition, any extra effort spent will distract the technician from doing the actual job.

For example, does the vice grip provide a really firm lock on wires, screws and cables? Are the tube cutters sufficiently sharp and safe to use? These seemingly trivial questions affect efficiency. They could also contribute to better safety because the technician can better focus on the task at hand.

It’s the same case with air conditioning components and supplies. Low-quality supplies might fail early on (sometimes right after a few days of installation). For instance, electrical components such as circuit breakers and connectors should be working perfectly. Any failure may require rework from the installer.

2. Set clear expectations & communicate well with the client

Aside from using quality tools and supplies, installers and technicians also invest time in ensuring the client’s peace of mind. They can accomplish this by setting clear expectations and promptly answering customer enquiries.

Setting clear expectations improves the perception about the quality of a work. For instance, technicians create realistic deadlines to finish the assignment. This way, the client won’t force to rush the installation. Realistic deadlines and expectations also work hand in hand with prompt and courteous customer service.

3. Gain updated knowledge & facts about the HVAC industry

New practices and materials are often introduced to improve performance, efficiency and safety. That’s why licensed technicians undergo continuous professional development. They receive updates about the HVAC industry such as new risks and modified safety precautions.

These updates could also result to minimising rework and improving efficiency. New tools and practices might make the work faster while incurring minimal errors. More importantly, better safety standards could protect both the technician and end user of the air conditioning unit.

Become more efficient in installing air conditioners

It’s an integrated approach that often requires a lifelong commitment. It’s about continuous improvement and prioritising safety every step of the way.

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