Where to Find Quality Air Conditioning Components?


Finding quality AC components is often a result of trial and error (as with most products) for air conditioning installers and service technicians. However, these professionals don’t have the luxury of sourcing from every supplier and figuring out which is the best one.

That’s why here in this short guide, we’ll discuss how to prevent mistakes and save time in finding a supplier. After all, reliability is the priority and your reputation is on the line. Let’s start.

1. Low price could hurt you

To save some money, some AC contractors make the mistake of purchasing low-priced products. It’s true that in large volumes and frequent purchases these could translate to huge savings. However, reliability and durability will be in question especially in the long run.

For example, the quality of electrical cables and components play a huge role in the reliability of air conditioning systems no matter the brand and make. If these were of low quality, the AC’s performance will be compromised. In addition, these could even introduce fire hazards to the building.

2. Immediate dispatch could be equally important

Aside from ensuring quality, availability and accessibility are also crucial in sourcing air conditioning supplies. After all, you want to make the installation, repair or maintenance to be prompt so your client could quickly enjoy the comfort brought by the unit.

That’s why many professional HVAC contractors also determine if the supplier has a large warehouse in a suitable location. This way, the supplies could be readily delivered as soon as possible. This is especially important for the coming years when the demand for heating and cooling solutions will continuously rise here in Australia. It’s the direct result of climate change and lifestyle upgrade.

3. Complete supplies

It’s a pain to deal with multiple suppliers especially when requests for AC installation and repair are at an all-time high. Professional AC contractors might overlook a few things such as missing or insufficient parts.

Things become more manageable if you only transact with the minimal number of suppliers (ideal number is 1). This way, you could better track your purchase and reduce your communication time with vendors and suppliers. Instead, you could better invest that time in communicating with your valued customers.

Where to find quality air conditioning components?

Sometimes, quality is sacrificed when quantity increases especially in manufacturing and distribution. Fortunately, this should not always be the case because it’s still possible to source quality components despite the rising demand for HVAC parts and components.

That’s why here at Axiflow Pty Ltd, we’ve been specialising in providing HVAC supplies for over 20 years. Many air conditioning installers and service technicians in the Sydney region contact us here to provide their AC parts, tools and supplies.