How to Increase the Value of Your Air Conditioning Business


It’s tough managing the business because of uncertainty (either peak in demand or slow months). This is especially true for small and medium-sized businesses wherein the owners are still hands-on about the operations.

Aside from dealing with uncertainty, many owners also want to expand their reach and services for better profitability. The long-term goal is to increase the value of your air conditioning business. Whether you plan to sell it or hold on it for the long term, the value of your business has a huge impact on your contribution to making homes and commercial facilities comfortable to stay in through proper and energy-efficient air conditioning.

Doing what big companies don’t do

Huge corporations may enjoy higher profitability but many of them lose touch of what the customers really require or want. Also, each customer might just be a stat in their spreadsheet or database.

This is where your opportunity lies. You can make your service personalised within your locality. Customers are comfortable dealing with familiar faces. They also like to talk with a real human being who can listen to their air conditioning issues in their home or commercial facility.

This is far from scalable but this is the key to winning in the long game. Also, applying a personalised approach builds a strong foundation to your business and perhaps adopting a sustainable culture for your team and future hires.

Fast service, fast deployment

Recent technological advances and modern culture might have raised the expectations of customers. They require a fast service (and possibly in real time) so they could immediately enjoy the convenience. In case of air conditioner breakdowns and failures, fast repairs are required so they could quickly go back to their normal lives.

This is more pronounced in commercial facilities wherein an hour of downtime could mean thousands of dollars of lost profits. In production facilities, a failing HVAC system may compromise the health of workers and the condition of the machineries.

In either case, the situation requires a fast service. This is possible through constant availability of the needed parts and supplies for repair and replacement. More importantly, you and your team should be responsive to customer enquiries.

Increase the value of your air conditioning business

Here at Axiflow we specialise in providing a complete range of parts and supplies in the air conditioning and ventilation industry. For over 20 years, we’ve been servicing the Sydney region.

We always have large quantities of supplies (available for prompt and immediate dispatch) in our conveniently located warehouse. This way, you and your team can quickly fulfil the requests from your customers. Contact us today if you require more info.