Opportunities in Optimising Air Conditioning Systems


Optimising air conditioning systems can be achieved by performing minor mechanical alterations and repairs. This simple measure can result up to 20% lower energy consumption. Another way is by installing better ventilation systems that promote better heat transfer and air circulation.

The third way to attain optimisation is by installing smart and automated systems. This is to minimise those “idle” times when air conditioners are still running at full capacity while there’s minimal or zero activity in the room. Smart systems also allow for active variable controls wherein compressor motors and fans “respond” to current cooling or heating demands (e.g. just-in-time cooling).

Scaling up the optimisation

The cost savings could be really significant in large residential and commercial facilities. Even a small tweak that could result to 1% lower energy consumption could translate to thousands of dollars of savings each month.

To further increase the savings, building managers and air conditioning technicians apply an integrated approach to optimising HVAC systems. This can be accomplished by the combination of the following:

  • Timely maintenance of all the air conditioning systems
  • Taking advantage of the naturally cool air outside
  • Reducing operating hours of the air conditioners (comfort is still the priority)
  • Strategic placement of air conditioners, vents, fans and other components
  • Identifying the waste points and plugging them
  • Optimising start/stop cycle (e.g. turn off the HVAC system a bit earlier to take advantage of the “residual” cool air)

Implementation of all those measures plus other procedures may result up to 50% energy savings. It’s a huge effect especially when 70% of the building energy consumption is due to heating and cooling the spaces.

Optimising air conditioning systems for sustainability

A comfortable workplace is one of the keys to better productivity. Good news is it’s still possible to achieve that while reducing energy consumption. It’s also the case in residential buildings wherein comfortable spaces result to making tenants happy (making them stay for the long term).

That’s our goal here at Axiflow where we provide a complete range of air conditioning and ventilation supplies in the Sydney region. For over 20 years, we’ve been focusing on reliability and quality to ensure comfort of the end users and energy efficiency.

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