What are the Required Tools for AC Service Technicians?


Whether you’re undergoing apprenticeship or you’re about to handle assignments on your own, quality tools may contribute to your work performance. It’s especially the case with air conditioning installers and HVAC mechanics.

Aside from the assistance provided by the tools, these also protect the technician from possible hazards and injuries. After all, the failure of tools may introduce new risks and even cause unfortunate incidents.

1. Multi-purpose screwdrivers & pliers (full set)

Almost every technician and tradesman brings these during their assignments. Different jobs and various air conditioner units may have different screws and wires. In addition, technicians often face unplanned tasks while installing or repairing a unit.

It’s expensive and inefficient to rework or perform a repeat visit to a site (unless absolutely necessary). Without enough tools with you and on site, finishing the job (and doing it right the first time) might become impossible.

2. Claw hammer & vice grips

A claw hammer is always handy in most trades (including AC installation and repair). The technician might need the hammer for ripping apart or removing something. Many technicians prefer hammers with a relatively straight claw (perhaps for convenience or they just got used to it).

Vice grips are built for clamping, tightening, turning and twisting. As a result, they should be made from high-grade steel for maximum durability. They should also provide a maximum locking force for better work performance and worker safety.

3. Tube cutters, hand rivet gun & other tools

Cutting PVC, aluminium and plastic pipes may require some more effort if the cutter’s blades are of low quality. In addition, that extra effort may lead to mistakes which could ruin the pipe or even propel the cut portion to someone.

Another important tool is the hand rivet gun which is used to securely join two pieces or surfaces. This is a crucial job because compromised joining may result to leaks (or other unit defects) and injuries. This could be due to constant vibrations experienced by the air conditioning unit.

Where to find these tools for AC service technicians

Here at Axiflow, we have a wide range of tools available for installers and servicemen in our showroom. We have sheetmetal vice grips, pliers, nuts, bolts, drill bits and other tools. We also have an extensive range of air conditioning installation products. Contact us today for your enquiries.