Do you need custom ductwork for your specific application? Do you require prompt and full deliveries of Duct Hardware (including Duct Accessories) each time you order for supplies?

Axiflow is committed to prompt and full deliveries for all contractors, installers and servicemen in the Air Conditioning and Ventilation Industry. To ensure large stocks all the time, we continuously source from local and overseas manufacturers and have our own manufacturing facility as well.

Whether you require Duct Fittings, Sealants & Adhesives, Fasteners & Fixings or Insulation for your air conditioning and ventilation work, Axiflow can deliver it all to you. Our technical staff will assist from your first call up to the delivery of your supplies.

Our conveniently located warehouse at 11-13 Richmond Rd, Homebush West NSW 2140 always holds large stocks to ensure prompt and immediate dispatch of your order. Whether you need rolls of Duct Protection Film or a Birdwire Mesh (and yes everything you need to do your work), we always have complete supplies ready for dispatch.

If you need custom ductwork and other fabrications, you can send the specifications to us here at Axiflow. Our team will study your requirements and set up processes in our manufacturing facility to make it all happen. Our experienced engineers do this all the time so you can be sure of the quality and specifications.

As the leading supplier in the Air Conditioning & Ventilation Industry, you’ll get excellent customer service. Our technical staff will also assist in your proper selection of the supplies according to your requirements. Call us today at (02) 8745 1800 if you require a comprehensive selection.

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